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Below is just a small sample of rave reviews for Sasha's workshops and VIP customized coaching:

“ Sasha is this unique combination of Harvard MBA meets Oprah.  She is very intuitive about the 'soft stuff,' but she just nails the tactics and how to help every individual client get to their destination. ”
- PDR, Angel Investor, Harvard

“ The Getting Unstuck Bootcamp changed my life.  Sasha, and, remarkably, the rest of the participants, helped me connect my dots in this very quick and powerful way.  Realized why I struggled so much with disengagement (and depression), despite what everybody else thought was raging success.  I now have a crystal clear vision of my career going forward that I am thrilled about.  Feel like I've been unshackled! ”
- AC, Attorney, Yale

“ To be coached by Sasha is joy.  To have her background, energy and connections to help me job sculpt my own path is nothing short of a marvel. Never could have done it on my own, so quickly, with so much clarity
- DK, Stanford GSB, relocating to NYC

“ Through Sasha's CareerLeader and Rapid Resume Review workshops, she expertly revealed a landscape of potential career paths and provided tailored guidance that accurately captured my personal passion and professional pursuits. Sasha is a career compass that set me back on course. ”
- JP, Entrepreneur in the Baby Boomer market

“ I was lucky to attend Sasha's Getting Unstuck Bootcamp. She presented the material with clarity and insight into each participant's career patterns. I have been doing introspective career work for many years and walked away with new insights. Well done Sasha! ”
- SLC, Professional Services Executives with 25+ years of experience

“ As an executive or career coach, Sasha creates a customized experience that connects you to your passion and authenticity. Bring Sasha in, if and only if, you’re truly ready for change!
- DG, High-tech executive

“ Sasha has a keen eye for people and their potential. Her branding workshop was stellar: both thought-provoking and actionable. Sasha's unique combination of helping re-frame, introducing powerful models, and engaging in high-impact exercises makes her stand out from the pack. Two very big thumbs up. ”
- SO, Small business owner

“ Sasha goes several levels deeper than most coaches and she is truly passionate about what she does. Beyond being an amazing coach and eloquent speaker, Sasha is a pleasure to work with. I'm excited to continue learning from her in the future. ”
- VL, Young professional in financial services, relocating to Asia

“ Sasha's 100 Jobs workshop was phenomenal.  Would recommend the workshop for anyone at a career crossroads or just interesting in making their careers more fulfilling. ”
- AM, High-tech executive, Stanford

“ I recently did a one evening career workshop with Sasha and thought it was great. She is clearly very knowledgeable and skilled in her field. And I was impressed at her structured approach and creative suggestions. She provided just the kick start I needed! ”
- RM, Mompreneur, UC

“ Sasha is an energetic and passionate coach and facilitator. The 100 Jobs workshop is a unique approach to thinking about career themes and personal passions. It really got me to think in new directions about my career and to think more creatively about what would be fulfilling. Sasha's creativity and experience were extremely valuable in uncovering new career themes.  ”
- AS, Re-entering the workforce, Stanford

“ Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have a chance to work with Sasha. Her skills and talents in guiding people through career (and life) transitions are amazing. She brings an uncanny intuition about people and a huge reservoir of contacts and techniques to her practice, which magnifies her effectiveness. I can’t recommend her more highly as a coach and motivator. ”
- PK, Executive w.15+ yrs financial services exp re-entering the workforce, Harvard

“ I have attended several of Sasha's workshops. My initial impression was that she is incredibly intuitive and passionate about people and their career vision. Subsequent meetings have shown the breadth and depth of her knowledge and, again, a gift to help people with disparate backgrounds and their career aspirations. ”
- CPB, Manager with 20+ years of marketing exp re-entering the workforce

“ Sasha’s ‘Networking in a Downturn Seminar’ was both timely and useful. Her insight into expanding, maintaining and making the best use of your network was very helpful. The interactive exercises were great, the participants were very bright and driven and it was a pleasure to be able to bounce my ideas and questions off of them. All-in-all Sasha was able to cover a lot of material in a fun and instructive way, I left with several practices I was able to put to work immediately. ”
- EB, Sales Executive


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