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Getting Unstuck Bootcamp - Details

How would life be different if you found your work and life incredibly engaging? 

Working on projects that you love, with people and in a culture where you thrive? 

What would it mean to live with clarity and confidence, knowing that you are living your life with authenticity, and priorities intact? 

During this powerful day, you will have the chance to deep dive into time-tested exercises and methodologies developed at Harvard Business School, Stanford and Wharton, that will change your life and help to get you unstuck, regardless of where you are in your career and your life.


In the workshop you will learn out to take the impasse that comes with feeling stuck and use it as a springboard to real change:

  • Participate in exercises that activate your life vision
  • Learn how to easily and effortlessly overcome your inner critic to catapult you to success
  • Discover how to identify the your deep interests, motivators, types of people, work cultures, and communities to help you thrive.
  • Prioritize where to invest most of your energy and resources in your business or job search during recessionary times to get ahead of the curve.
  • Sculpt an immediate, medium-term and long term career and life vision to live the life you want, on your terms.
  • Understand how to connect your dots to create authentic networking opportunities and deliver effective, genuine elevator pitches.

  • Are you an executive in an extended job search? Overcome disappointment and inertia, keeping a positive attitude and focusing on proactive career management.
  • Entrepreneurs are well aware of understanding what makes them, and their venture, different. Understanding what makes you stand out and how to pitch makes all the difference for success of your venture.
  • Are you re-entering the workforce after taking some time off? In one packed workshop, on-rampers and re-launchers be able to get an incredible blend of introspection, strategy and tactics to kickstart your re-entry!
  • Employed, but are concerned about job security and about making any career moves? Come to Getting Unstuck so that you can sculpt your Plan B and get to work on it, while continuing with your current job.

Sasha Grinshpun combines her gift for quickly gauging life passions of clients with her experience in formulating effective job searches for them to score their dream jobs. Her eclectic background spanning consulting, IDEO, real estate and entrepreneurial ventures puts her in unique position to have the conversation around, "What do you really want?!" and how to get it.  More on Sasha's powerful and eclectic background: bio.


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