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Getting Unstuck Bootcamp!

We all experience the feeling of being stuck. It come at both predictable and sudden times: a pink slip, an empty nest, a dead-end career, a divorce, or just the sense that life’s next adventure awaits… if you could only figure out what it was and how to get there!

Join Sasha for an intense day of introspective exercises, success tactics and networking to help you sculpt your next career opportunity and life adventure. In this interactive all-day workshop, we will help participants hit their personal "Reset" button, focus on what's really important, understand their personal value proposition can benefit employers, investors and themselves, and once again take charge of their career and life vision.

Please contact us if you have a group interested in launching a Getting Unstuck Bootcamp.  Just email with: group size, general background of participants and approximate timing of the start.  We have different packaged that range from 1-2 day immersions to 4-6 multiweek sessions.

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