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Career Visioning Workshop: 100 Jobs Exercise

Sasha Grinshpun, a leading executive coach with a Harvard MBA and undergrad at Yale, is spearheading an effort to adapt leadership and career skills best practices from the leading business schools and thought leaders to present before companies, organizations, alumni associations, and private groups. A perennial favorite is the 100 Jobs Exercise, adapted from Dr. Timothy Butler's bestseller, Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths (Harvard Business School Press, 2007).

The 100 Jobs Exercise is a process designed to elicit career and life themes. The process is uniquely powerful in the way it illuminates an individual's latent core interests, as well as in how it brings together the members of each break-out group. The ability of this exercise to unite a group in the purpose of uncovering what a fulfilling career means to each individual, has led prior participants to describe it as transformational, life-changing, and empowering.

"The 100 Jobs Exercise with Sasha as the facilitator is a perfect 10."
"You really come away with a better understanding of yourself and your team."
"I had so many a-ha moments during the breakout session that this has fundamentally shifted how I think about what I want not only out of my career, but out of my life!"
"We came away re-energized about the direction of our careers, our group and our company."

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