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Career Assessment Workshop

No question, these are challenging times for all professionals. That is why it has never been more crucial to bring clarity to your career goals. Sasha Grinshpun will lead a small group in a workshop on how to formulate a clear career vision. Moreover, each attendee will have the opportunity to take the CareerLeader self assessment prior to the event and then discuss her results during the workshop.

A thorough review of CareerLeader and discussion of assessment results will be given by Sasha Grinshpun, a renowned career and executive coach who has many years of experience working with Dr. Timothy Butler, the Director of Career Programming at Harvard Business School, and CareerLeader, and author of Getting Unstuck.

The review and discussion will include:
* A customized professional report, including scores along 3 critical elements of career development (interests, motivators, and abilities).
* Recommended specific career paths that are likely to be your best career path matches, and why you match well.
* Understanding key elements of corporate culture and how you will fit in with each.
* Recognizing and helping you to cure your career "Achilles Heels"

Enjoy a discounted rate for CareerLeader, which normally retails for $95.  Once your Google Checkout payment is processed, you will receive an email with a unique log-in and instructions within 24 hours.  Upon logging in, you will immediately receive access to our complete online program -- well over 200 pages of detailed information to help you formulate your career.  The charge for 60 days of access to CareerLeader® is $95.  Please check with your alma mater to see if they offer CareerLeader at a discounted rate.

About CareerLeader ®

Welcome to CareerLeader®, the most respected and comprehensive business career development tool on the Internet. This program is a fully integrated approach to business career self-assessment developed by Dr. Timothy Butler, Director of MBA Career Development Programs at the Harvard Business School, and Dr. James Waldroop, Dr. Butler's associate at HBS for 18 years. This interactive, online program is currently being used by over 400 top businesses and universities around the world to help guide their employees and students.

The first question you should ask about any Internet program is what will I get out of this, specifically? CareerLeader will:

  • Provide you with expert assessments of your unique pattern of business-relevant interests, values and abilities, using three tests we developed.
  • Integrate your results, recommending specific career paths that are likely to be your best career path matches, and why you match well.
  • Rate your entrepreneurial attributes.
  • Provide you with in-depth views into 30 business career paths, including information about the interests, rewards and abilities associated with each one. Many career paths also include an in-depth interview with an industry insider, for further insights.
  • Help you to understand key elements of corporate culture and how you will fit in with each.
  • Recognize and help you to cure your career "Achilles Heels".

We believe the strengths of CareerLeader® are four-fold:

  • CareerLeader® provides access to what we have learned in our collective 40 years experience about finding the best career in business for you, presented in a way that is tailored to help each individual.

  • CareerLeader® is affordable. For $95, you get full access to our site -- which is over 200 hundred pages -- for 60 days. Career counselors typically charge $600 (and possibly much more) for this kind of intensive battery of tests. Half a dozen good career books combined might cover most of this material -- after you read them all -- but not nearly as quickly nor in an integrated fashion tailored to you.

  • CareerLeader® is an "expert system" that is comprehensive both in its assessment (via the three tests that we developed) and in it what it allows you to investigate (via the research we present about 30 major business career paths, plus the information to help you navigate issues regarding organizational cultures and your own career Achilles' Heels).

  • Our commitment to outstanding quality service. We are actively involved in developing the program and are constantly adding new features, and we strive to provide the best possible technical and customer support. This is why in our nearly ten years of operation, over 95% of the universities and corporations that adopted CareerLeader® have stayed with us.

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Placing Group Orders

If placing an order for more than one event/service and/or for 3 or more people, we can simplify the ordering process.  Simply send your order via email to, and we will send you an invoice for the total amount that can be processed with one click via Google Checkout.

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